Advent & Nativity
Perfect stocking stuffer for under a dollar! Sweet Christmas-theme for little ones.

More Christmas fun with this little dot-to-dot coloring book!

This ornament kit includes 7 pre-printed shrink-plastic sheets and instructions to create seven easy-to-make (for all ages) ornaments including:

The Theotokos With Child * St. Nicholas of Myra * Nativity of Our Lord * Christ is Born! Glorify Him! * Veneration of the Magi * Flight into Egypt * The Holy Archangel Gabriel.

Finished product shrinks considerably and has a stained-glass look.  A fun craft & a lovely gift for children to make for loved ones or as a church school project.

Also a nice fundraiser for SOYO groups to sell the finished icons for stocking stuffers and gifts.

The author's rich, engaging iconographic illustrations add to the beauty of the Christmas story, from the journey to Bethlehem to the flight to Egypt.

Both Scripture and Tradition tell of the gold, frankincense and myrrh. This story follows the gifts from the Magi's hands to a Holy Monastery on Mt. Athos.

Written by Chrissi Hart and beautifully illustrated by Niko Chocheli, this story retells the Golden Legend from the Garden of Eden to Golgotha. A lovely gift for Pascha!

#17 in the Paterikon for Kids series, this lovely little book tells the inspiring story of St. Elias. Illustrated by the publisher's son!

Beautiful retelling of the baptism of Christ with scripture and pen and ink iconic drawings. A must-have for Theophany!

Book 7 in the series, Saints for All Ages, Founders of Russian Monasticism shares the biographies of six monks spanning about 850 years of church historya

Beautiful story and illustrations of St. Euphrosynos the Cook!

A rhythmic and beautifully-illustrated tale of a farmer and his young daughter joyfully tending their vineyard and offering the fruit of the vine back to their Creator in Eucharistic celebration.


A rhythmic, festive children's book about the joy of a farmer as she works to grow the wheat and bake the bread that she will offer back to her Creator in Eucharistic celebration. Richly illustrated and companion book to The Man and the Vine.


A sweet medieval tale of Prince Robin who leaves the castle one day and discovers a world new to him. A lovely story of adventure and reconciliation.

Exclusive Paidea Products!


We hope you all have a beautiful Feast of the Nativity of our Lord.

We will be spending time with our families, so please note that orders placed after Dec. 18th will not be shipped until Dec. 30th. Thank you for your understanding.

Merry Christmas from the Easley Family! 


 Please note, we have sold out of Nativity coins for this season. 

Prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Christ Jesus with our chocolate Nativity coins.  Available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, & mint chocolate. We offer the Nativity coins in 3-packs, 12-packs, and 24-packs. Our Nativity coins feature a beautiful star of Bethlehem on one side and "Christ is Born!  Glorify Him!" on the other side.

This year our milk chocolate Nativity coins are in a beautiful, festal red & green foil. Dark chocolate and mint chocolate come in gold foil.

A lovely way to share the joy and hope that we have in our Savior's birth with neighbors, teachers, co-workers, friends, godchildren, and parish family.

A beautiful addition to your family's stockings, a gift basket or care package.

International Orders require extra shipping charges & time.

To order, click here.

While supplies last.


We have SOLD OUT of our St. Nicholas coins this season.

An important part of any St. Nicholas Day celebration, gold foil chocolate coins are traditionally included in the St. Nicholas stocking or shoe. They commemorate Saint Nicholas saving three poor peasant daughters from a life of sin and despair, when he threw gold coins in their window for their marriage dowries. The coins are traditionally believed to have landed into their stockings/shoes close to the fireplace--why we hang Christmas stockings on the fireplace today.

St. Nicholas chocolate coins are a lovely treat to give to our children, parish family, godchildren, neighbors, teachers, friends, co-workers, even to those serving in our military overseas.  Great for stocking stuffers, gift baskets, and care packages.

Available in milk, dark (non-dairy), & mint chocolate, our chocolate coin packages come in three sizes: 3 pack, 12 pack, and 24 pack. 

We will also be offering discounted St. Nicholas coins in bulk (not packaged) on our website this year.  Click here for bulk coins.

International orders may require extra shipping charges and time.

To order, click here & be sure to scroll down the page to view all flavors and packages.





Potamitis Publishing is constantly working hard to create beautiful Orthodox books for children.  We now carry their new titles including St. George and the Dragon, My BaptismThe Adventure of Father EvangelosThe Resurrection of Christ, Saint Christos, The Abbot and the Robbers: St. Moses, & St. Nectarios' Shoes!

 We are thrilled to be offering almost every English title from Potamitis Publishing.  These gorgeous books have quickly become your favorites and ours!  We will have the beautiful, heirloom-quality hardcover books that we've already been carrying like SAINT DEMETRIOSSt. CatherineSt. DionysiosSt. ChristopherWarrior Saints, & My Prayer Book. as well as their Paterikon books, My Synaxarion Coloring books,My Synaxarion of Holy New Martyrs IMy Synaxarion of Holy New Martyrs IISunday School Workbook 1Sunday School Workbook 2My Book of Church Feasts, My Pentecostarion, The Life of Christ in Coloring Icons, The Life of the Theotokos in Coloring Icons, Saints of Alaska, Saints of Ireland, Saints of England, My Pets Coloring Book, Horses Coloring Book, The Creed in Coloring Icons, My Synaxarion of the Holy Apostles in Coloring Icons & more.

To purchase the Paterikon for Kids' books individually, click on their title below:

The Patriarch & the Quilt

The Monks and the Grapes

The Trisagion Hymn

The Rich Man & the Loaf of Bread

Saint Spyridon & the Horses

The Gifts of the Magi

Saint Gerasim & the Lion

The Story of Vasilopita

Prophet Jonah

The Barber Saint

St.Nectarios' Shoes

The Abbot and the Robbers: St. Moses

St. Christos

The Resurrection of Christ 

The Nativity of Christ


And for even interactive, favorite coloring books:

Orthodox Activity Books I, II, III, IV & V.

My Book of Church Feasts Coloring Book

My Book of Great Lent Coloring Book

My Book of Holy Week Coloring Book

Christmas in Coloring Icons 

For Nature Study:

My Wild Animals from Noah's Ark Coloring Book

My Wild Birds from Noah's Ark Coloring Book


Did you know we offer some of the best Church history books for all ages?

For Jewish history, we recommend our own Our Young Folks' Josephus & The Story of the Last Days of Jerusalem.

Two of our favorite Church history books include our own nonfiction, A History of the Church and its historical fiction companion, Stories of Church History.

We also offer the wonderful New Frontiers and Heroes for Truth by Sophie Koulomzin!

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